Study claims Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date

Can your smartphone say something about your love life? That's what a new study seems to claim. Online dating site has released the results of a new study of over 1,000 Canadians to find out how smartphones can affect a person's romantic life. The study claims that 75 percent of singles believe that email and texts have "significantly improved their dating life."

But what about specific smartphone operating systems? If you own an iOS device like Apple's iPhone, the study claims that you are apparently more likely to date someone in your workplace. You are also more likely to contact someone just one day after a first date, while Android and Blackberry users are more likely to wait two or three days before contacting their date.

Blackberry users like to drink more, with the survey claiming that 72 percent will have an alcoholic beverage on a first date; 67 percent of Blackberry users also believe they have felt love at first sight (awwww).

Android smartphone owners seem to be the..ahem, most liberal of the smartphone world. The survey claims that 62 percent of Android smartphone owners have sex on the first date, compared to 57 percent of iPhone owners and 48 percent of Blackberry owners. In addition, 55 percent of Android owners said they are likely to have a one night stand. Finally, 72 percent of Android owners have visited an online dating site.

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