Study: Violent Video Games Only Affect Unstable Youth

Over the recent months, there has been much discussion in the media about what type of negative impact video games have on young gamers, but the average gamer has voiced their opinion too. It can be generally stated that they we believe: "If a game can do that to you, there was something wrong with you before you started playing." And now, we can back it up. Here it is, the study you've all been waiting for. Go shove it in your most hated politician's face.

A study published in Psychology, Crime & Law claims that stable personalities are unaffected by violent video games. Researchers had 110 boys and 15 girls, with a mean age of 14.6, play Quake II for 20 minutes once researchers had a personality profile of each participant. Anger levels were measured again immediately after the gaming test session ended. Researchers discovered three distinct groups once analyzing the data: 77 maintained the same anger level, 22 had anger levels that doubled, 8 started out a higher level of anger before the test started but dropped down to normal levels. There are two groups that gamers from the studied fell into. The first group is calm at the beginning and becomes agitated after the game and the other group is composed of angry gamers who cool off after game play. The authors of the report say they understand that any correlation between aggression and anger remains very unclear to researchers, and the next step is to run the tests over with different subjects and different video games.

News source: DailyTech

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