Happy 150th birthday Nokia!

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Nokia, a company best-known for mobile phones and modern technology, is actually turning 150 today, as it looks back on its past and looks forward towards an uncertain future.


Happy Birthday iPhone!

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It's a day to celebrate for Apple. And we're sure that some of the people that have been involved in the iPhone from day one will be saying many happy returns and toasting its seventh birthday!


Debian hits 20 years old!

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We here at Neowin would like to wish many happy returns to Debian, the community driven OS that has been used by many other Linux developers to drive their ideas and get their builds out in the wild.


Facebook turns 7

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Today marks Facebook's 7th birthday from when Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard University back in 2004. In less than a decade who would have thought that Facebook is now the...

Happy Birthday mouse

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The original mouse invention which is now in use on every office and home PC turns 40 next week. Looking like something that could take your fingers clean off, the wooden block...


Happy Birthday Windows

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Windows 1.0, the original 16-bit operating system, was released on 20 November 1985 and today marks its 23rd Birthday. 55 programmers developed the system in a year, making the 1st edition a break from the...

Happy first birthday Windows Vista!

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365 days and 100 million licenses later, enthusiasm for a safe, reliable and engaging Windows Vista experience is high. Since the worldwide release of Windows Vista one year ago today, people are doing more and...

DNS celebrates 25th birthday

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The internet's Domain Name System is 25 years old this week. Paul Mockapetris, chairman and chief scientist at Nominum, is credited with inventing the DNS in 1983. Mockapetris shared his thoughts on the technology during...

Happy birthday SMS: 15 today

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It is 15 years today since the first commercial text was sent over the Vodafone network by Airwide Solutions engineer Neil Papworth. Today marks the 15th anniversary since the first commercial short message service (SMS)...

Google's 9th Birthday

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Two weeks ago, AFP informed us that "Google, at age 10, is the official heart of the Internet. Born 10 years ago, the Google Internet search engine has grown into the electronic center of human...

Happy Birthday Windows XP

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5 years ago today Windows XP was launched worldwide after it had RTM'd a month earlier. It has been without a doubt the longest running operating system Microsoft has ever produced. Microsoft typically updated the...

Happy Birthday Google (8 Today)

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There I was using google for my own personal search algorithms, and noticed it's now 8-years old. History Google Inc. is an American public corporation, first incorporated as a privately held corporation on 7...

The IBM PC Celebrates its 25th Birthday

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On the 12th of August 1981 the first ever personal computer - the IBM 5150 - was announced. It became one of the most important releases in the world of technology, ever. With a fraction...

Happy Birthday Bill

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This weekend saw Mr Bill Gates turn the magic age of 50, half a century. It has been quite a year for Bill and birthdays, with his own Microsoft turning 30 this year. While people...

Happy Birthday Microsoft

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Microsoft, the worlds largest software company is about to turn 30 years old today. Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer will congratulate employees for their...

Happy Birthday to Yahoo!...

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For many, it would be among the first websites they ever visited. In an era before Google, it was often seen as the place to search. And tomorrow, Yahoo! will turn 10 years old. ...

Happy 35th Birthday, Internet!

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The Internet's first baby steps began in Leonard Kleinrock's UCLA lab 35 years ago today. The young computer science professor's team had networked its computer with one at the Stanford Research Institute...

Neowin 3rd Birthday Giveaway : Part 2/3

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In celebration of our 3rd Birthday, for our members we've organised a large giveaway with many many prizes! Today, we've drawn the second of three draws for the following products. At this point, i'd like...

Part 1/3 : The Neowin 3rd Birthday Giveaway!

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In celebration of our 3rd Birthday, for our members we've organised a large giveaway with many many prizes! Today, we've drawn the first of three draws for the following products. At this point, i'd like...

Google celebrates fifth birthday

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The world's most popular site for searching the web, Google, is five years old. It is now an internet giant, used by millions of people every day in more than 80 languages. The search engine...

Happy Birthday, DNS

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Twenty years ago Monday, two computer scientists at the University of Southern California created a key component essential to the modern Internet. Jon Postel and Paul Mockapetris ran the first successful test...

Happy 20th birthday to the internet

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Transition to TCP/IP took place on 1 January 1983 The internet has officially celebrated its 20th birthday. On 1 January 1983 the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (Arpanet) of the US Department of Defence -...

Happy Birthday, Half-Life!

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Four years ago today, November 9th, 1998, Half-Life was declared "finished." Here's what Valve's Gabe Newell had to say, way back then:Half-Life has gone gold, and is in manufacturing. I'd like to say how extraordinarily...

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