Egypt gets ready to ban online porn

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Ultra-conservative politicians in Egypt take steps towards attempting a total ban on internet pornography in the country, in an apparent move to extend the influence of Sharia law on its citizens.


Internet Restored in Egypt

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Breaking: The Next Web is reporting that Internet service has been restored in the troubled land of Egypt. It's still unclear if the major service providers decided to enable the service, or if the government had...


Egypt shuts off last ISP

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Egypt has just shut down their last remaining ISP in the country, preventing anyone there from accessing the Internet. Their last remaining ISP, Noor, has just went offline, taking down their stock exchange. Late last week,...

Egypt Blogger jailed for 'Insult'

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An Egyptian court has sentenced blogger Abdel Kareem Soliman to four years' prison for insulting Islam and the president. The trial, which took place in Soliman's native city of Alexandria, is the first time a...

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