eMule 0.50b Beta 1

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eMule is one of the world's largest and most trusted P2P file-sharing clients, allowing you to quickly find any type of file (audio, video, text, etc.), including some extremely rare content.


File sharing makes people sad

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A new study says that people who spend more time sharing files are more likely to be depressed, and that we could need surveillance to keep the internet from frying our brains. Or something like that.

File-sharing servers on eDonkey network shutdown

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The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has announced that seven servers part of the eDonkey file-sharing network were shut down this week in Germany after a court granted injunctions. The servers in Germany were...

BBC moves to file-sharing sites

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Hundreds of episodes of BBC programmes will be made available on a file-sharing network for the first time, the corporation has announced. The move follows a deal between the commercial arm of the...

File-sharing software firm loses US case

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Another file-sharing software maker has been found guilty of causing copyright infringement. A US judge has said the Morpheus software produced by StreamCast breaks the law. The ruling is another victory for the entertainment industry,...

Grokster File-Sharing Case Hits The Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday from representatives of major film studios and the recording industry who are seeking to shut down peer-to-peer services they say are costing them billions of dollars. One of the...

Legalise file-sharing with taxes?

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Andrew Orlowski, technology journalist and author, said, in a keynote speech at the Interactive In The City conference being held in Manchester, Pop piracy should be decriminalised and the music industry should realise that efforts...

Judges rule file-sharing software legal

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A federal appeals court has ruled that file-sharing software is in fact legal. The panel noted that file-sharing companies simply provide the software for individual users to share information. Therefore, they cannot be...

State AGs to warn file-sharing companies

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A group of state attorney generals are preparing a letter warning file-sharing companies that they could be targets of legal action if they don't take stronger action on privacy and intellectual property violations. ...

File-Sharing Battle Leaves Musicians Caught in Middle

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Since the Recording Industry Association of America began its campaign against file-sharing services and unauthorized song swapping online in 1999, it has offered one chief justification for its actions: downloading songs is stealing money from...

AOL pulls Nullsoft file-sharing software

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A day after developers at America Online's Nullsoft unit quietly released file-sharing software, AOL pulled the link to the product from the subsidiary's Web site. The software, called Waste, lets groups set up private,...

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