Obama launches Recovery.gov

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Obama has used technology like no other president in the past. From his YouTube addresses to websites, he is always embracing technology rather than resisting it. With the signing of the "The...


Palm launches Software Store

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Apple and Google both have software stores for their devices but Palm has just announced its own official on-device application store for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS powered handsets. Palm's full catalog of applications...


Microsoft launches PC advisor repair utility

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Microsoft has quietly rolled out a preview release of the Microsoft PC Advisor to select members of the Windows Feedback Program. Microsoft PC Advisor will: -Monitor your PC for problems and give you solutions...


Google launches Mail Goggles

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Remember that time when you sent an email to an ex when you were drunk? Perhaps an email to that cute girl in the office that you've always wanted to speak to or perhaps a...


Google launches news archive search

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In partnership with newspaper publishers, Google has announced it is scanning print archives and making them available on Google's News Archive Search. The company has partnered with around 100 newspapers to digitize them and make...


Google launches internet browser

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Google is launching an open source web browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The browser is designed to be lightweight and fast, and to cope with the next generation of web applications...


Microsoft launches new Windows Mobile homepage

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Microsoft has launched an updated version of the Windows Mobile homepage over on Microsoft.com, powered by Silverlight. While not big news in itself, this launch is part of Microsoft's new project to better promote its...


Microsoft Launches New Website : WindowsAndMe

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WindowsAndMe is a new website launched by Microsoft. It will be the place where the Windows community at large will come together to share their experiences, explore the magical world of Windows and learn to...


Livestation launches NEW beta

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Livestation is a free software application that provides a range of live news television channels and radio stations that can be received on a computer anywhere with a basic broadband connection. You can watch television...


Stardock launches Impulse digital platform

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Stardock has launched their new digital platform today called Impulse. The new platform is designed to allow users to associate PC games, applications, and utilities with a unified account that users can then update and...

Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope

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Microsoft launched its WorldWide Telescope late Monday. The free Web-based application allows users to zoom around the universe and browse through the galaxy on their own or take guided tours of different outer-space destinations developed...

Facebook Launches Instant Messenger Service

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Facebook officially unveiled their much hyped chat service today. The social networking giant flicked the switch on the service which allows users of Facebook to message their friends quickly and efficiently from any page in...

Skype Launches Low-Cost Global Calling Plans

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Skype on Monday launched an aggressive $9.95-a-month international calling plan for U.S. customers that includes landlines and some cell phone calls to 34 countries. The action by the eBay unit comes just days after eBay's...

Western Digital launches world's fastest SATA disk

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Overclockers and gamers, prepare to meet your next hard drive: the 300GB VelociRaptor from Western Digital. Said to be 35% faster than previous WD Raptors, the 10,000 RPM drive features a 3Gbps SATA interface, 16MB...

Flickr Launches Video Service

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Yahoo's Flickr has launched Flickr Video, which allows "pro" accounts to upload 90-second video clips. Flickr's limit is much lower than Google's YouTube and is designed to avoid copyright issues. Adobe rolled out Media Player...

Microsoft Launches Windows Mobile 6.1

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At CTIA Wireless 2008, Robbie Bach unveiled new features for an update to Windows Mobile, which includes enhanced features for socializing like threaded text messaging and features for simpler navigation. He also announced Microsoft's plans...

Yahoo launches Shine website for women.

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Yahoo on Monday began wooing women with a Shine website focusing on subjects such as love, money, beauty, home and parenting. The website features nine categories, the California Internet pioneer believes, appeal to the approximately...

Google Sky Launches Web-Based Version

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Google recently released It's online version of Google Sky, an application that will let you explore the universe right from your seat. With this release, what is so great about it that you do not...

Alienware launches 4TB home server

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Alienware unveiled a high-definition media server this week, targeting homes with terabytes of digital content to store. Systems integrators, distributors and even home builders can now join the Alienware Digital Home Channel Program to become...

Google launches Themes API for iGoogle

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Google has released an iGoogle Themes API, giving designers the ability to create their own iGoogle Theme. With the iGoogle Themes API, developers can design and share a theme with the tens of millions of...

Microsoft launches Windows Mobile Training website

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Microsoft has just launched the Windows Mobile Training website, where smartphone users can get a lot of new information. There is a lot of content available here, including how-to demos, courses, documents, sales tools, presentations...

Russia launches Final Satellites for its own GPS

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Russia has successfully launched a rocket, carrying the last three satellites to complete a navigation system to rival America's GPS, from Baikonur cosmodrome on the steppes of neighbouring Kazakhstan, where Russia rents the facility. The...

Microsoft launches New Connect Beta Site

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Microsoft has released a new connect beta site (Build for its beta testers to try out. The software giant based the changes around user feedback and promises there are more changes to come. The...

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