Fake Apple apps hit Google Play

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If you stopped by Google Play earlier today, you just might've had a chance to pick up some Apple designed apps for your Android device. Did hell freeze over? As it turns out, no, it did not.


Scam warning: Obama 'stimulus checks' for you!

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Caveat emptor--buyer beware! Before President Obama even signed the recent economic stimulus package into law, scam sites were thrown up and spam emails spewed forth offering unsuspecting punters the chance to submit their personal information...

Microsoft Accused of Pulling Nigerian Scam

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French Linux vendor Mandriva's chief executive Francois Bancilhon has lashed out against Microsoft for alleged dirty sales tactics over a Nigerian deal. The company recently competed against the software giant for a deal to provide...

MP3 Spam Scam Hits In-boxes

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Elvis and the Beatles probably never could have imagined they would one day be used to commit stock fraud. But that is exactly what is happening, as spammers have taken to using MP3 attachments in...

Scam Unleashes Trojan With Movie Ticket Lure

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Security company Sophos is warning users that a new fraudulent spam campaign that promises a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, along with the chance to win free tickets. Instead of getting the goods...

Three Indicted for Alleged Online Brokerage Scam

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A federal grand jury in Omaha, Nebraska, has indicted three people on charges of conspiracy, fraud and aggravated identity theft related to a "high-tech" scheme to hijack online brokerage accounts, the U.S. Department of Justice...

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