Mac OS X Snow Leopard reaches Golden Master

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According to several sources in contact with, Mac OS X 10.6 Build 10A432 has been designated as the Golden Master. This build is the final release out of the development team and will likely...


NASA: it snows on Mars

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When NASA sent two rovers to Mars they were not quite sure what all they would find. What they ended up finding far exceeded expectations and has proven that the possible foundations for life...


Snow Leopard nearing completion

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A report from Apple Insider this morning announced that Apple's next version of the OS X operating system, named 'Snow Leopard' 10.6 is nearing completion. This news comes as Apple is said to have notified...


80+ bug fixes in store for Mac OS X 10.5.7

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Although Apple's new Snow Leopard operating system is in the pipeline, and coming up for a release sometime this year, work it still being continued on their current operating system, Leopard. As AppleInsider reports, on...


Snow Christmas Tree 1.6

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Raise up a Christmas mood! Snow Christmas Tree can countdown days until Christmas or New Year, and notify you about the incoming holiday every half hour or hour by a funny ringing bell (if you...

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) due Q1 2009

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Apple's Director of Engineering of Unix Technologies, Jordan Hubbard, spoke at Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA) '08 last week. LISA, co-sponsored by USENIX and Sage, generally runs six days: six days of full-day and...

Nintendo Is Hot And Cool In The Sand And The Snow

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Marketing Blitz Showcases Nintendo DS and Nintendo GameCube An early spring marketing blitz is bringing Nintendo everywhere teens and college students play. From the beaches to the slopes and college campuses in...

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