Bitcoin given trial run in Zug

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The council of the Swiss town, Zug, has decided to run a programme which will allow residents of the town to spend 200 Francs worth of Bitcoin on public services. The trial will run through 2016.


Apple & Psystar try to avoid trial in 2010

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Apple and Psystar this week both requested summary judgements in the ongoing legal battle about Psystar's legal right to produce and sell Macintosh clones. In its motion for summary judgement, Apple has requested that Judge...

Microsoft announces new ways to try and buy Office 2010

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Microsoft have today announced their new vision for Microsoft Office 2010. Being the premium choice as a productivity application, with 500 million people worldwide using Microsoft Office - including businesses to students - Microsoft...


YouTube to trial pre-video ads

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YouTube is to run a trial of "pre-roll" video ads on selected content from several broadcasters starting from today. The pre-roll ads are short video ads shown before the video you requested and could be...


Crysis Wars offers free trial week

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Crytek is offering a free trial version of Crysis Wars, the online multiplayer component of their well known and critically acclaimed Crysis series. It starts today, Thursday, April 9th and lasts until Friday, April 17th....


The Pirate Bay's final day in court

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As the court heard the closing statements today in The Pirate Bay's trial the defendants' four lawyers all closed with the same argument, stating The Pirate Bay does not host any of the illegal copyrighted...


New Phorm trial begins

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BT has restarted its Phorm trial despite huge privacy concerns. The Phorm system allows BT to track and monitor every website that a user visits. BT puts this information into a database and is then...

Microsoft Expression Encoder 60-day Trial

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We are pleased to offer Expression Encoder, formerly Expression Media Encoder, for download. If you are an existing Expression Studio or Expression Media customer, please enter your Expression Media (Windows) product key when prompted during...

Judge May Grant Qualcomm New Trial

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Due to a new ruling in August by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, making it more difficult to prove intentional patent infringement, U.S. District Judge James Selna has tentatively overturned a...

Google to face AdWords jury trial

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On November 9, Google will face trial over its AdWords programme, following allegations by American Blind & Wallpaper Factory that the system represents an abuse of US trademark law. Under the pay-per-click AdWords system, related...

Everquest II: Play The Fae Trial

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That's right, that other big MMORPG Everquest II is still going strong. As you guys may know, SOE just launched the newest expansion for Everquest II a couple of weeks ago - aptly named...

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