Sun Adopts RSS

In an exclusive conversation with Sun Executive Vice President Jonathan Schwartz and eWEEK Contributing Editor Steve Gillmor, the software chief revealed Sun's plans to adopt RSS (Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary) as a fundamental transport for developer communications and community building.

Schwartz: There's a broad scale realization within Sun Microsystems that communities are increasingly informed through RSS. My CTO John Fowler commanded a portion of my staff meeting away from my agenda to have a parade of those who manage RSS communities in Sun come in and talk to me and my staff about the extent to which this is an extremely powerful mechanism of getting information and creating communities.

Sun Microsystems has always been about communities. Those communities early on in the company's existence were probably nowhere near as well connected as they are today, certainly in nowhere near the same real-time mechanism as they are today. And RSS is increasingly becoming the principal means of real-time communication.

News source: eWeek

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