Sun Microsystems co-founder launches new company via Twitter

The former co-founder and CEO of the now defunct Sun Microsystems is launching a new and mysterious start up business and he's largely using the Twitter social networking web site to get the word out. Venture Beat reports that Scott McNealy, who co-founded Sun back in 1982 and was its CEO from 1984 until 2006, has started a new company called WayIn. However the company's official web site doesn't have much info on WayIn except for some job listings.

Instead WayIn is directing people to the company's official Twitter page along with McNealy's Twitter account to get more info on the company in the coming months. According to Venture Beat's story, McNealy held a Twitter-based Q&A on Wednesday. However he actually said little about WayIn during his "Tweets". Venture Beat states that based on his statements, the company has "an environmental focus, would sell its services to enterprises, and that they were currently looking to hire engineers, programmers, and mobile developers."

The company is based in Colorado rather than the typical "Silicon Valley" California location for a tech start up. On his Twitter page McNealy goes over his top 10 reasons for this decision. One is that "$1.5M buys a dump in Silicon Valley, a ranch in CO." Another is, "11% income tax in CA vs. a 4.63% flat rate in CO." Some of the reasons are a bit less serious such as, "In CO, I can hit my drives 300+ yards again." Another reason, "In CO, the water is from CO. In CA, the water is from CO." McNealy left Sun Microsystems a few years before Oracle acquired the company in 2010.


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