Sunday Roundup, week ending June 5th

Its that time again where we look back on this past weeks news, so without further ado lets start with the guys that are always in the news -Microsoft. In a posting on the IEBlog, a guy named Christopher confirmed that IE7 would indeed only be available to Windows XP customers, citing the time-line for mainstream support. On the same day seattlepi reported that Microsoft is ditching the "My" prefix in favor of generic names like 'Computer' and 'Documents'. The reason? Because "My (whatever)" is childish!

On Tuesday AMD announced a new chip, the dual AMD X2 CPU. PCWorld found it performed better and AMD went even further claiming that Intel's Dual core CPU's aren't really true dual core CPU's at all. All Intel could muster this week was the introduction of DRM in it's class D Pentium 4 CPU's and news of the new Pentium M that will go 8 hours on a single charge.

In web news, Google announced its Summer of Code on Wednesday -offering $4500 to students who complete an open source project by the end of the summer. On the same day the BBC reported that the creator of DNS, (the Domain Naming System) Paul Mockapetris was given a lifetime award by ACM Sigcomm, which recognizes outstanding computer communications achievements.

Another big story thats been developing these last few days is the as yet unconfirmed news that Apple may switch to Intel chips. The story has been developing over the last couple of weeks, and seems to derive from IBM's short-comings that has prompted rumor that Apple may well move over to the x86 architecture.

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