SunnComm backs down from lawsuit threat.

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SunnComm Technologies, Inc. announced yesterday morning it would sue first-year graduate student John Halderman over his recent critique of the companys new CD copy-protection method, but by the end of the day SunnComm president and CEO Peter Jacobs said he changed his mind.

Jacobs said in an interview late last night that a successful lawsuit would do little to reverse the damage done by the paper Halderman published Monday about his research, and any suit would likely hurt the research community by making computer scientists think twice about researching copy-protection technology.

"I dont want to be the guy that creates any kind of chilling effect on research," Jacobs said.

SunnComm plans to make that announcement this morning.

Haldermans paper hit SunnComm hard. Since Monday its stock value has dropped $10 million — one-third of the companys total worth.

"I just thought about it and decided it was more important not to be one of those people. The harms been done . . . if I cant accomplish anything with a lawsuit I dont want to leave a wake," he said.

News source: Daily Princetonian

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