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A web browser is one of the software we can’t divorce when we are surfing the Internet. With the rapid development of Internet, the competition between browsers is more and more fierce, every browser developer is doing his best to update their own for users. 

Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser all over the world. Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of the familiar web browser you are most comfortable using, helping you get everything you want from the web faster, easier, more privately and securely than ever before.


Firefox is the second most widely used browser with approximately 22% of worldwide usage share of web browsers. And it is the best open source browser now. Most of its users are using it for its huge number of add-ons.

Google Chrome
Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, It is always the most attractive one since its birth. Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. More and more people switch to Chrome from other browsers because of its speed.

Safari for Windows
Safari is the most widely used browser in Mac system, but Safari for Windows also wins many users on the Windows platform. It renders web pages at lightning speed. And shows you your favorite sites at a glance. It’s so smart, it even checks your spelling and grammar.

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