Surface 2 vs Surface RT performance video


Microsoft's Surface 2 tablet features a new processor that is expected to boost the performance of the device when compared to the first-generation Surface RT. Neowin wanted to test the real-world performance of the new Windows RT tablet, and what better way to that than to directly compare it to the Surface RT.

In the video posted above, you can see the two tablets (Surface 2 on the left, Surface RT on the right) boot up and open up Microsoft Word. It’s clear that the Surface 2 has the edge on the boot time, but opening up Word is not as much of a jump in performance as one might expect.

Anyway you look at it, you can certainly see that the Tegra 4 found in the Surface 2 does best the Surface RT's Tegra 3.

The small performance boost may not look like much at first, especially on opening up apps, but when you quantify it over the lifetime of the device, it makes up for a significant amount of time saved.

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