Surface 2 with LTE coming early next year

During an AMA session on Reddit, Microsoft said that they will be releasing a Surface with LTE built in early next year which should appease many who want WWAN connectivity in the tablet. 

The Surface team is currently doing an AMA on Reddit as we type and the news of the LTE SKU for the Surface 2 will be a great addition to the Surface family. While tethering and USB modems are a decent work-around for a lack of an LTE option, for those who want an AIO tablet with WWAN, an LTE Surface is the perfect solution.

It's clear that Microsoft is working to make the Surface line of tablets the most complete solution on the market. By keeping the Surface RT on the market at $349, and expanding with the Surface 2, Pro 2 and soon an LTE model, there will be a Surface at every price point and feature set for all consumers.

While Microsoft’s first go-around with the Surface resulted in less than ideal results, the company is forging on with the Surface 2 in hopes that they can secure the second spot in the tablet market. Unlike the smartphone market where Android has a firm grip, Apple still dominates tablets and it’s clear Microsoft wants to take a bite out of that marketshare.

Source: Reddit

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