Surface appears on Microsoft's European sites

Microsoft has only confirmed a North American launch for its Surface tablet, but it looks like the company is starting to give indications that its first PC hardware product could go global. The Surface has now shown up as a menu choice on Microsoft's sites in other European countries.

Specifically, you can see the Surface menu choice on Microsoft's UK, French, German and other European based pages. All of the links to those sites go to the official Surface page, which is still based on Microsoft's main US-based site.

On the one hand, this could just be the company updating its various sites around the world to conform to Microsoft's recently relaunched site design. On the other hand, this could also be a prelude to a plan to offer the Windows RT (and later, Windows 8 Pro) tablet globally when the Surface launches later this month.

In any case, with Microsoft stepping up its outdoor ad campaign for the Surface here in the US (it's a bit unusual for a tech product to get such a marketing campaign weeks before its launch), we should learn more about Microsoft's plans for the Surface launch any day, and we will post any updates once they are officially confirmed.

Source: Microsoft France | Image via Microsoft

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