Surface product placement spotted in 'The Michael J Fox Show' trailer

Microsoft has been promoting the Surface tablet family hard over the past several months and not just in commercials. The tablet has shown up in TV shows such as "Hawaii Five-O," "Arrow," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Elementary" and many others

This week, the major TV networks in the U.S. reveal their new fall 2013 TV shows and, lo and behold, one of the trailers already has a Surface product placement. It's for "The Michael J. Fox Show," starring (of course) Michael J. Fox of "Family Ties," "Spin City" and "Back to the Future" fame.

The new sitcom has Fox playing the role of a New York City television reporter, and the clip shows his news producer holding a Surface, with the blue Touch Cover, at the 1:13 mark.  The actual Surface tablet is seen running at the 1:38 mark in the trailer. Ironically, it is shown accessing the YouTube website, running a video where Fox's character has a small mishap on air.

The fact that Microsoft is continuing its marketing push for more exposure for the Surface shows that the company is still trying to get the hearts and minds of the public with its hardware line. We would bet that the Surface continues to pop up in more TV shows in the future.

Source: NBC

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