Surface reservations being taken at Microsoft Store locations

Microsoft may be taking pre-orders for the Surface tablet right now at the Microsoft Store website, but there are still some people who might want to do things the old fashioned way and walk into a real store to buy the upcoming Windows RT tablet. Thankfully, Microsoft seems to have those consumer's backs. reports that a person who went to the Microsoft temporary pop-up store location at Washington Square in Beaverton, Oregon found that it was already being manned by a Microsoft Store employee. That person was giving out flyers that allow people who wanted to get a Surface tablet from the store to do so on October 26th. The flyer basically guaranteed a person a Surface tablet on its launch date if they came to the store before noon.

While there's no word if this program is the same for all of the Microsoft Store locations, it certainly seems likely. The bad news? The bundles that are on sale at the Microsoft Store website will be the same if you walk into a Microsoft Store. In other words, if you want to get the 64 GB version, you also have to get the black Touch Cover that comes with it.

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