Surface, Surface 2 and Surface Pro receive firmware updates

The Surface 2 gets the most changes among the Surface models in this month's firmware updates.

As part of Patch Tuesday today, Microsoft will release a firmware updates for three of its four Surface tablet models. The company posted the details of each firmware update on the tablets' support pages.

The Surface 2, running on Windows RT 8.1, will receive the most improvements and changes among the three models getting firmware downloads today. The Surface 2 page states that it will get an overall system performance boost and stability improvements with the update. The camera and battery life on the tablet will also gain unspecified improvements, along with an audio update that Microsoft says will add "switching to speaker playback after disconnecting a headset."

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers both get updates today on the Surface 2, which will help to "improve wireless display performance." Finally, the firmware update will offer performance improvements for all of Microsoft's Type Covers and Touch Covers.

The original Surface tablet, previously known as Surface RT, will also get a firmware update today that will allow the tablet to use the Japanese Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2. That same feature will be added to the Surface Pro firmware update for Windows 8.

People who updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro will get two more firmware improvements. One updates the LifeCam driver to increase TrueColor fidelity while the other upgrades the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers for better "wireless display performance and to further enhance Wi-Fi network performance and stability." In case you are wondering, the new Surface Pro 2 tablet will apparently not get its own firmware update today.

Source: Surface, Surface 2 and Surface Pro support pages

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