Surprise! Google also developing Chrome for Windows 8

If you were expecting Google to sit out and not develop a browser for the Metro environment in Windows 8, well we have news for you. An unnamed spokesperson has told Mashable that Google is developing a browser for the Metro environment.

This information, as you would expect, is not all that surprising considering Google is actively pushing its Chrome browser over Firefox and IE. With Google onboard for a Metro style app, the proliferation of critical applications for Microsoft’s new environment should be able to win over a few Google addicts who prefer Chrome to IE or Firefox.

While not a major announcement, as each key player in the industry attaches to the Metro environment, it will help to ease users into the new interface as their familiar apps will already be available.

So, while Google announcing Chrome for the Metro environment is not a major surprise, it is encouraging to hear another major vendor in the industry adapting to Microsoft’s new strategy.

Windows 8 has received positive and negative remarks from across the industry and the verdict is still out if Microsoft has a homerun or a strikeout on its hands. But, until the product hits RTM, the platform is subject to change, so making a firm decision at this point, may be a bit premature. 

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