Survey: Most people not considering upgrading to Windows 8

Most Windows users aren't interested in immediately upgrading to Windows 8, according to a new survey.

A new survey conducted by Avast and released by USA Today indicates most current Windows users aren't considering an immediate upgrade to Windows 8, but the majority that are considering buying a new computer want a Windows 8 product.

The study claims one-third of Windows users who haven't upgraded to Windows 8 (users of Windows 7, Vista and XP) are considering purchasing "an Apple product," according to USA Today, although the vast majority will continue using Microsoft-powered computers. Many of those users are aware of Windows 8 but aren't interested in upgrading to the new Microsoft operating system, however.

Avast polled about 1.6 million users of its Windows antivirus software the day before Windows 8 launch and received roughly 350,000 responses, 135,329 of which were from U.S. users of its products. Of those responses, 65 percent were running Windows 7, while 22 percent used Windows XP and 8 percent were Windows Vista users.

Six in 10 respondents were aware of Windows 8, USA Today reports, although only 9 percent of U.S. respondents said they would "accelerate a decision to buy a new computer just to have Windows 8," and more than 70 percent said they will continue using the operating system they already have.

Only 16 percent of U.S. respondents said they were considering the purchase of a new computer. Of those respondents, 68 percent said they would be getting a Windows 8 computer, although 30 percent planned to get an iPad for computing usages and 12 percent were considering an OS X-based computer. USA Today didn't state what the results were for respondents from the rest of the world.

Source: USA Today | Image via Microsoft

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