Survey says 34% won't buy the iPhone 3GS because of AT&T

According to Gearlog, PriceGrabber, which operates a price-comparison site for online shopping, conducted a poll of 2,411 respondents between June 12 and July 10, asking them about why those consumers have chosen to wait to buy the iPhone 3GS. About a third of those who responded said they won't buy an iPhone 3GS because of AT&T. AT&T has been criticized for dropped calls and spotty coverage. We've previously reported that AT&T has also been lagging in iPhone feature deployment. They have also been criticized for its iPhone upgrade policy, which they later revised.

Despite all of this, AT&T sold out of iPhone 3GS launch day pre-orders, and on launch day, it was AT&T's best ever sales. The iPhone has also contributed to another record quarter for Apple, and in a conference call, Apple said that the supply of the iPhone 3GS is constrained.

Below is the survey conducted by PriceGrabber and the responses:

When, if at all, are you planning to purchase the new Apple iPhone 3GS available in US stores on June 19, 2009?

80.84% I am not planning to purchase the Apple iPhone 3GS
13.73% I plan to purchase the iPhone 3GS sometime in the next 12 months
1.66% As soon as it is available

Why are you WAITING to purchase the Apple iPhone 3GS? (Select all that apply)

60.60% I am waiting for the price to come down
44.64% I want to be sure there are no iPhone 3GS hardware problems
29.93% I want to be sure there are no 3.0 software problems
21.95% I do not want to deal with the crowds at the stores

Why are you NOT purchasing the iPhone 3GS? (Select all that apply)

53.45% I am satisfied with the phone I currently own
34.32% I do not want to switch to the AT&T service provider
31.47% It is still too expensive
19.49% I am not interested in the features or applications
12.80% If other reason, please specify here:

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