Sven Co-op 3.0 to be released on Christmas Eve

The long awaited patch for this old mod for half-life is almost here and it will be released today on christmas eve if all things go as planned. The amount of changes in this patch are huge, 9 new maps, monster riding, and more.

    New features include:

  • Mod updated to work with Steam

  • New monsters: Opposing Force Grunts added, including Torch (explodes when fuel canister is damaged), Medic (heals his allies, whether they're players, grunts or aliens), SAW, and Normal grunt types. Friendly and Hostile versions of each type are available

  • New monster: Voltigore

  • New monster: Baby Voltigore

  • New monster: Cleansuit Scientist - Identical to the Opposing Force version except immune to Poison, Chemical, Radiation, Nerve Gas, and Drowning types of damage

  • New monster: Black Ops Osprey Helicopter

  • New monster: Black Ops Apache (for Op4 compatibility)

  • New monster: monster_hwgrunt_repel - Heavy Weapons Grunt that rappels down. After landing, he'll be able to use his minigun

  • New weapon: M134 Minigun

  • New weapon: M40A1 Sniper Rifle. Inaccurate when un-zoomed

  • New weapon: Barnacle Grapple. Alternate fire toggles pull/rappel mode. Attaches to all monsters, or only some, depending on the map

    Shock Trooper Spore Grenades added

  • Updated Heavy Weapons Grunt

  • Monsters can randomly roam a level that has info_nodes (must be enabled by the map creator)

  • All friendly monsters can be made to follow players with the +USE key

  • New commands for friendly monsters:

    npc_return (immediately return to the player)

    npc_findcover (stop and find cover from the enemy)

    npc_attackmytarget (target under the player's crosshairs becomes the new enemy)

  • New command: "dropammo" / "dropammo weapon_name_here". Drop weapon's maximum ammo clip, or half of the weapon's current ammo (whichever is less)

  • New player model animations added for drawing weapons, weapon reloading and firing, etc.

  • New feature: Monster riding - Jumping onto a monster will allow you to "ride" it when it begins to move

  • New feature: Per-entity sound-replacement. Combined with model-replacement and other SC mapping features, this allows for (among other things) Monster Packs, whole new monsters that mappers can plug in to their maps

  • New feature: Global camera added (allows in-game cut scenes)

  • Updated Scoreboard with Voice Mute support

  • Blood effects are now client-side

  • HWGrunts and Sniper Male Assassins drop their weapons on death

  • New Osprey Features:

  • Grunt Type Selection - Can spawn Human Grunts (default) or Opposing Force Grunts

  • Player Ally Option - Can spawn Friendly/Evil Human Grunts/Opposing Force Grunts

  • Up to 6 [different] Ospreys may be in a level at the same time

  • Ability for mappers to assign monsters to different factions (Example: Zombies and Assassins can be on the same team)

  • Fixed: Roaches can be squished again

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