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SwiftKey Beta gets Bing Chat with the ability to rephrase your messages to fit specific tone

A SwiftKey logo with a Beta badge next to a Bing logo

AI-powered Bing or Bing Chat is slowly propagating throughout Microsoft products, bringing the magic and power of artificial intelligence to more customers. Not so long ago, Microsoft added Bing Chat to Skype and Edge (desktop and mobile) and announced Office Copilot powered by Bing. Now, the company is bringing it to SwiftKey Beta, allowing you to use Bing Chat in any application or conversation on your mobile device.

Integration with the new Bing is a significant addition to SwiftKey Beta. It allows searching the Internet in the old style and accessing Bing Chat for your chatting with machine overlords. More importantly, SwiftKey Beta offers a dedicated section that lets you adjust your messages according to four styles or tones: professional, casual, polite, and social. Here is an example:

Professional Casual Polite Social
Please rectify the report without delay. Hey, can you fix the report right away? Could you please correct the report immediately? Fix the report ASAP!

According to Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft's Mobile and Commerce Division CTO, the Bing-powered SwiftKey Beta is now gradually rolling out to customers. You can download SwiftKey Beta from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, for now, there is no information on how iOS users can participate in the trials.

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