T-Mobile launches its new "no contract" phone plans

After hinting several months ago that the company would move to a no-contract business plan, T-Mobile has now launched its new mobile phone plans that offer customers a way to talk, text and use data for as much as they want for as low as $50 a month.

The new plans went live Sunday, with the $50 a month plan also including 500 MB of "high speed data" on T-Mobile's network. After that limit is reached, users will experience throttling on their data, unless they pay for more high speed data a month, up to 12 GB for $110 a month. There's also an option to get unlimited high speed data for $70 a month, but you have to pay extra for any mobile hotspot usage with that plan.

T-Mobile offers two Windows Phone 8-based smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 810 and the Windows Phone 8X from HTC. T-Mobile is also supposed to start selling the Nokia Lumia 521 as an exclusive at some point this year, but so far there's no specific word on when that smartphone will be launched. T-Mobile is scheduled to hold a press event Tuesday, where there are rumors that the carrier will announce that it will finally begin to start selling the iPhone under their new no-contract plans.

Source: T-Mobile | Image via T-Mobile
Via: TmoNews.com

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