T-Mobile offering free mobile hotspot access Jan. 25

Having support for mobile hotspots for your smartphone is a good thing. The bad thing is that you usually have to pay an extra fee per month in order to enable it on your device. Now it appears that T-Mobile will be giving its smartphone customers a way to have mobile hotspot access for free.

TMoNews.com reports that it received a leaked message from T-Mobile's sales staff that states that the company will launch new Unlimited Premium 5GB and 10GB data plans for its smartphone customers, both new and current, starting on January 25. The new service will include adding mobile hotspot access for free for the T-Mobile smartphones that support the feature. Those phones include Samsung's Galaxy S II and the Windows Phone-based HTC Radar. Normally that service costs $14.99 a month.

The new deal also includes free access to MobileLife Album Plus, a 10 GB cloud-based service for storage of pictures and videos. That service is normally $4.99 a month.

You might be asking, "Is there a catch?". Well, yes. The catch is that T-Mobile won't be going out of its way to promote this nice deal to its current and new customers who request the Unlimited Premium 5GB and 10GB data plans. The free mobile hotspot and cloud storage features have to be specifically requested to be added by T-Mobile customers.

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