T-Mobile US offers businesses two tiers of data plans

As wireless networks move from pure unlimited data plans to ones that have some kind of data cap, it can be confusing to customers who want to pay a monthly bill that remains the same every time without hitting overage fees. Today, T-Mobile in the US announced that businesses now have two tiers of broadband data plans to choose from; one with and one without overage fees.

The overage free plans give business customers who use tablets, laptop sticks and mobile hotspot devices caps of 500 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB for one monthly price ($29.99 a month for 500 MB up to $77.99 for the 10 GB plan). If a user goes over those caps, they are not charged any more but their data speeds on T-Mobile's network are throttled.

T-Mobile will also begin offering its "high speed plans" in July with the same data amounts, but priced at $5 per month less than those in the "classic" plan. These plans will let businesses customers stick with the same data speed if they go over the caps. However, they will also be charged overage fees when that happens (10 cents per MB for the 500 MB plan down to two cents per MB for the 10 GB plan).

There's no word if T-Mobile will offer this kind of plan to regular consumers.

Source: T-Mobile

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