Tables turned on superhacker group "hax0rs lab"

It would seem that the god of hackers has something of a sense of humour.

While one of the most prevalent groups on the scene celebrated its 1,000th hacked website by going on a mass defacement spree, someone else vandalised its own homepage.

Over the weekend a notorious Brazilian defacement crew known as Hax0rs Lab went on the rampage to celebrate its 1,000th defaced website. The celebrations consisted of breaking into another 1,158 sites in one of the biggest mass-defacements ever. But while the web vandals were distracted someone snuck into their server and gave them a taste of their own medicine.

As one of the most active groups around racked up the hacks on defacement mirror, they must have been quite surprised to see their own site,, go up in the records.

Another - possibly Brazilian - hacker, going by the name of CarderBR, who has no other defacements to his name, claimed responsibility for the attack. In broken English he called Hax0rs Lab "the real lamers", and said: "this to me represents Brazil? this is the elite?" In a barely comprehensible rant he said that the group only used other hackers' knowledge and exploits and that they lacked any technical skills of their own.

Defacement mirror Zone-H, which has been tracking the action, said: "Could it be some Brazilian white hat hacker or is it just another defacer who thinks he is smarter than others?"

News source: vnunet

View: zone-h defacement mirror of

View: zone-h - "Hax0rs Lab" defacement list for 18th August 2002

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