Tablet-optimized Twitter app for Android leaked

Android tablets are finally getting a decent optimized Twitter app. That's according to the recent leak you see above which is an apparent screenshot of Twitter's Android tablet app currently in the works. It looks like the stretched out mobile app just wasn't cutting it anymore, and rightfully so.

The leak comes from German Android news website Android Next. It has obtained multiple screenshots of the app. For the most part, it looks very similar to Twitter's iPad app. It's not quite ready yet, but judging by the screenshots it'll probably won't take long before you see it in Google Play.

Could a fully functioning Twitter app for Android tablets have surfaced on Google Play sooner? Yes. But lately Twitter has been adding so many restrictions on third-party apps that developers are having a hard time designing decent Twitter apps and they're losing the motivation to do so. Twitter's strategy recently has been to take the reigns on mobile apps and let the third-party ones slowly die out.

Nonetheless, it's nice Twitter is finally stepping up to the plate. Android tablet users might not represent a large chunk of Twitter's users, but they should still be just as valuable as everyone else. Hopefully the wait for the release will be easier now that it's certain the app is on its way. Now if only Twitter can address those annoying blue lines...

Source: Phandroid | Image via Android Next

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