Take an early look at 64-bit Linux on a PowerPC 970 platform

The IBM PowerPC® 970 CPUs are well-designed, high-performance chips that ship in millions of end-user systems under Apple Computers' Power Macintosh G5 moniker. These CPUs greatly lower the bar for 64-bit computing on the desktop and on small servers. Currently, Terra Soft's beta Y-HPC is one of only two 64-bit Linuxes that run on G5s. As their names imply, the G5-enabled betas -- both 32- and 64-bit versions -- are for evaluation only. This article is an early look at the promise of Linux™ on a G5 and is intended for developers interested in trying out this combination in anticipation of production-ready releases to come.

For many Linux users, the best reason to buy an Apple Power Macintosh G5 machine will be, quite simply, the well engineered, high-performance, and reasonably priced machines available from Apple. Many enterprises, hosting companies, schools, and research facilities have a mixture of x86 and PowerPC systems that they provide to users. When you want to assure a uniform system/user interface across these machines, Linux is the best choice for an operating system. PowerPC 970-based machines are comparable in performance to AMD's Athlon64 and Opteron and to the Intel™ Pentium™ 4EE and Xeon.

News source: IBM

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