Team Fortress 2 Scout update due next week

An update is on its way for Team Fortress 2, next week. This time it's for the scout, and, like the previous updates, will add new features to the character in question. So far, the Team Fortress 2 official website tells us little about the update, other than a new weapon named "The Sandman". "The Sandman" is presumably a weapon upgrade for the Scout's normal bat, which allows the player to hit a baseball at another player, and stun them temporarily.

Most of the updates released seemed to have aimed to fix or improve game play, and it seems like the Scout update will be no different. From what can be seen on the website, the new weapon will make it easier to get past and escape enemies. The website says "The farther the ball flies before ricocheting offa some chucklehead's skull, the longer he's gonna be stunned. And guys who think they're tough because they're invulnerable? It works on them too. Now the bad news: You can't double jump when you're carrying this little beauty. On the other hand, double jumping never put anybody in a coma," which pretty much sums up the new weapon.

More details will be announced each day this week on the Team Fortress 2 website, and the update should be out by next Tuesday (24 February). And, as pointed out by Eurogamer, this update only applies to PC versions of the game, although the Xbox 360 version might receive an update in future.

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