TeamViewer 12.0.69740 Beta


TeamViewer is the fast, simple and friendly solution for remote access over the Internet - all applications in one single, very affordable module.

Remote control of computers over the Internet, Instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls. No installation required, just use it fast and secure. Training, sales and teamwork, TeamViewer can also be used to present your desktop to a partner on the Internet. Show and share your software, PowerPoint presentations etc. File transfer, chat and more, Share your files, chat, switch the direction during a teamwork session, and a lot more is included in TeamViewer.

Changes in TeamViewer 12.0.69740 Beta:

  • Faster File Transfer - Thought your file transfers were already fast? TeamViewer now lets you transfer files up to 20 times faster, with transfer speeds up to (up to 200 MB/s).
  • High Frame Rate Connections -Edit videos or work seamlessly on other high-frame-rate tasks with remote session framerates of up to 60 fps.
  • Windows Phone Support - Remotely support Windows Phone from any computer – an industry first.
  • Remote Sticky Note - Leave a message behind for a more personal customer relationship.
  • Smoother Remote Sessions - Work on all remote sessions faster and more smoothly with improved feedback times from touch, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Code Base Re-write for Performance - Performance-optimized code for tech that keeps up with you. Work faster thanks to significant backend optimizations.
  • Intelligent Connections Setup - Connect with the best possible quality via automatic intelligent system adjustments, based on your network conditions and system hardware.
  • Service Case Notifications - Take swift action on pop-up and email notifications. Delegate tasks faster, for more effective IT support.
  • Service Case Chat - Let your customers contact you via chat even before they receive support, making sure you get the request to the right supporter quickly.
  • Remote QuickSteps - Save yourself hundreds of clicks with one-click shortcuts for your most-used remote support actions.
  • Remote Device Dashboard - View and take action on critical performance information during a remote session with the new remote device dashboard.
  • OneDrive for Business - Quickly access the files you need from your OneDrive for Business cloud storage during online meetings and remote sessions.
  • Simplified Client Interface - Focus on the task at hand and enjoy working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the TeamViewer host user interface to open after performing an automatic update from older versions than 11.0.66695
  • Fixed a bug where the file transfer from a windows to a mac computer stopped working after overwriting files on the mac side
  • Fixed a bug that caused the VOIP prompt to pop up automatically on the supporter’s side after the connection was established
  • Fixed a bug where wrong timestamps were displayed in chat conversations
  • Fixed a bug where a black screen was displayed after starting a remote connection
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a partner remained in the waiting room after sides were switched
  • Fixed a bug where a second incoming connection did not display the supporter’s name in the server control but just the remote ID
  • Fixed a crash which occurred after adding your own account to the whitelist
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inactive sessions timeout from functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the touch control input to not be possible after turning full screen on and off
  • Fixed a bug where no incoming file transfer notification was displayed
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to connect to a preferred initial screen
  • Solved some other issues which caused crashes
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Download: TeamViewer 12.0.69740 Beta | 13.5 MB (Free for personal use)
View: TeamViewer Home Page | What's new in Version 12

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