Tech specs of Microsoft's next gen Surface released

Microsoft has just started taking pre-orders for its second iteration of the Microsoft Surface and many have been wondering what is actually powering the device. Neowin has been sent the official spec list which you can see below.

The AMD Athlon X2 245e is the CPU that is driving all the goods behind the scene with help from an AMD Radeon HD 6750 with 1 GB of memory. While all of this information is not new, we do know that the specs have remained the same since the product was first announced back in January.

Other tidbits, for those not aware about the product, are that it can support up to 50 touch points. The copious amount of inputs will allow multiple users to interact with the device at one time.

Overall, there is nothing outrageously shocking about the hardware powering the Surface as the true magic is baked into the code that runs the product. The only thing remaining at this point is how do we get one into our living rooms to replace our boring coffee tables without breaking the bank? 

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