Technology leaders tell Hollywood to shoulder piracy burden

High-technology and Hollywood executives came to an impasse this week over who shoulders the responsibility of keeping pirates from stealing digital movies, music and other artistic works.

Thanks Geronimo. The debate possibly holds the future of the Internet as a key distributor of such works, which many believe is the next frontier for the online world.

On Monday, technology executives, including Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, Dell Computer's Michael Dell and Intel's Craig Barrett, said in an open letter to entertainment industry executives that they were not about to create technology that limits computer users ability to copy and play digital media.

The letter was in response a missive from executives from Disney, News Corporation and others, urging curbs on technology that lets users freely copy digital movies, music and other content.

The debate was touched off in February, when the technology executives urged entertainment executives to cooperate in an effort to create standards for the safe distribution of digital works.

"We write to you to urge inter-industry cooperation to ensure that digital content can be distributed to consumers efficiently through a variety of means."

News source: The Nando Times - Technology leaders tell Hollywood to shoulder piracy burden

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