TechSpot: 5 Generations of Radeon Graphics Compared

Last month we took five years’ worth of DirectX 11-capable GeForce graphics cards and compared them in the latest and greatest video games. The results were compelling as we got to see when and where Nvidia has made their biggest performance leaps and which GPUs have aged the best. Never before had we compared so many generations of GPUs under the same conditions.

So naturally folks using AMD Radeons were also curious to see how their single-GPU flagship parts have held up. Equipped with five years of Radeon technology and the latest Catalyst driver, we set to benchmark major AMD architectures released between late 2009 and October 2014: Evergreen (HD 5870), Northern Islands (HD 6970), Southern Islands (HD 7970), and the company's most recent GPU architecture, Sea Islands (R9 290X).

Read: 5 Generations of Radeon Graphics Compared
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