TechSpot: 7-Way Intel P55 Motherboard Round-Up

One year after its introduction, Intel Core i7 processors remain unchallenged in the high-end desktop segment. However with the recent introduction of the Core i5 and the LGA1156 platform, all of a sudden we no longer feel the need to stretch out the budget and look into buying a Core i7 920 one way or the other.

So, should you decide to go with the Core i5 750 processor, the next and possibly most difficult choice is which motherboard to purchase. Already there are over 40 possible motherboard options to choose from and today we'll be taking a look at quite a few of the better examples.

Our round-up comprises products from the likes of Asrock, Asus, DFI, ECS, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI. In total we have 7 motherboards ranging in price from $120 to $250, so there should be something for everyone.

View: 7-Way Intel P55 Motherboard Round-Up

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