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Products cross my desk regularly. Some are great, some arent, and most are in between. Its a perk, to be sure, but review products arent often made for me. On a case-by-case basis, the products Im looking are often aimed at different market segments than my own. That isnt the case with Acers Aspire S7.

The touchable, classy ultrabook is targeted right at the road-warrior, power-hungry, super-user. The S7 is an expensive machine. The starting price hovers near $1400, but our Core i7 configured spec clocks in at $1650. For the price customers do see a superlative spec sheet and a beautifully designed body. I know what youre thinking. The S7 had better be amazing for that kind of money. Dont worry, with a few qualifiers, the Aspire S7 easily ranks among the top Windows 8 machines. Is that enough to justify the cost?

Fashioned from aluminum and Gorilla Glass the S7s thin profile makes a great first impression. The deck and lid are completely rigid. There is zero flex in the laptops frame. Its very reassuring considering how light (2.29 lb) the machine is. The lid is framed with brushed aluminum that is soft and cool to the touch. That frame is filled with white glass that isnt nearly as fingerprint prone as I expected.

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