TechSpot: Apple's 10-Year Run, where they succeeded and others were too lazy to innovate

In the decade we have been publishing TechSpot, we have watched an Apple resurgence from the joke that the G3 and G4 machines represented, to the Apple 'Mac vs. PC' debate -- during a time the company had better luck selling MP3 players than computers -- to today's ubiquity of Apple products in all forms of computing devices.

Coming from near bankruptcy during the 90's, it took several years to turn Apple around, but perhaps most important, it took several innovations and breakthrough products to rebuild their image as a tech pioneer. Today, Apple gets much deserved respect from its competitors, and within the industry, there’s unsaid expectation that they are the ones paving the way towards the next big thing.

During the past 10 years Apple has systematically attacked and conquered from several fronts. Here's a brief recount of those winning products, and where it applies, the industry incumbents that for one reason or another failed to innovate or at least failed to beat Apple at breaking products to the masses first.

Read: Apple's Near-Impeccable 10-Year Run: Where They Succeeded and Others Were Too Lazy to Innovate

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