TechSpot: Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Review: A compact Romer-G mechanical keyboard

While everyone else in the gaming peripheral market was busy ordering shiploads of Cherry MX switches, Logitech went about creating its own: the Romer-G. The first product to carry them, the G910, received positive reviews for the most part, though the main sticking points were the keycaps and the palm rest. Now, 11 months later, the company is at it again with a compact Romer-G mechanical keyboard it calls the G310 Atlas Dawn.

As the name implies, the G310 Atlas Down is a slimmed down version of the G910. Gone are the macro keys along the side and top of the board, as are the media control functions. The number pad has also been given the boot with the ultimate goal of creating a lightweight and compact keyboard that's better suited for travel to LAN events or to fit into smaller gaming spaces.

Almost everything about the G310 is smaller than the G910 but one thing in particular isn't: the price. The G910 originally retailed for $180 but has since dropped to $140 where it is much more competitive. The G310 on the other hand is starting with an MSRP of $180, the same price its bigger brother once sold for. Naturally, we are wondering if the G310 is worth paying more for than the G910.

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