TechSpot: OCZ Agility EX 60GB SLC SSD Review

OCZ is showing strong commitment to be at the forefront of SSD technology. Over the past year the company has released nearly a dozen different series targeting every possible market, from affordable netbook oriented products to enterprise-grade solid state drives for servers and data warehouses.

They have had a great deal of success with multi-level cell (MLC) drives such as the Vertex we reviewed a few months ago. At the other side of the spectrum, single-level cell (SLC) solid state drives tend to sell for more outrageous prices.

OCZ has been working on making this technology a bit kinder on your bank account. Their latest 2.5" consumer drive is known under the Agility EX moniker, and is touted as the most cost-efficient SSD based on single-level cell memory with a cost per gigabyte at around $6.65 -- or 40% less than the Vertex EX and other similarly equipped SLC solid state drives.

View: OCZ Agility EX 60GB SLC SSD Review

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