TechSpot: Soon no one will care about a phone's battery life

The fear of running out of battery wields such an extraordinary influence over how we use smartphones. We benchmark every task according to how much battery it takes. We are never too far from a charger, and many of us carry a heavy, cumbersome power bank.

I have good news: we are on the verge of true all day battery life.

We are a year or two away, but folks, by 2016 everyone should expect top notch battery life from their phones. There will be no power bank industry and no one will care whether batteries are removable.

There are three major trends driving this future: bigger phones, better hardware and Android L.

Bigger Phones

Phone displays have increased over time. While bigger displays require more power, they also tend to come with bigger batteries. The increase in battery size has more than compensated the bigger power draw.

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