TechSpot: Traveling with an iPad: Impressions & Accessory Survival Guide

I’m no different than most when it comes to computer use. I have a primary desktop system I use at home and when the need arises, I carry a notebook with me when traveling. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t travel too frequently and when I do, it’s usually for business purposes like covering a trade show.

But as tablets become more popular and continue to chip away at the mobile computing market, the idea of leaving the notebook behind in favor of a slate certainly seems attractive. On the pros side you have portability, instant-on capabilities, longer battery life, a touchscreen, and in the case of most modern tablets like the iPad 3, an HD video camera. Sure, there would be some obvious concerns and compromises depending on what you need to accomplish, but at the same time, there are a wealth of accessories designed to make your tablet experience more computer-like.

A recent Western Caribbean cruise vacation provided the perfect opportunity to test whether or not my iPad would make a suitable travel replacement. Although this wasn’t a business trip, I still required the tablet to perform multiple tasks, some of which just weren’t possible without extra accessories. As such, I decided to put several products spanning multiple categories to the test to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses based on my hands-on experience.

Read: Traveling with an iPad: Impressions & Accessory Survival Guide

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