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Tegra 3 quad-core power shown in Glowball video

A few months ago, NVIDIA showed how its upcoming multi-core mobile processor, then going by the name Kal-El, would be used in games. It showed a video of a game demo called Glowball that featured a, natch, ball that rolled around in a kind of circus setting. The video showed that Kal-El could handle features in the game such as realistic in-game physics and dynamic lighting.

This past week, NVIDIA made its official introduction of the new mobile processor, now going by the name Tegra 3. For this occasion the company decided to revisit the Glowball demo with a new video that showed even more impressive visual effects. The video, which you can see above, shows the ball being moved in an underwater environment, complete with moving schools of fish and plants that wave in the current. The light given off by the ball is reflected in the environment.

The video even shows how the same demo would run in an earlier version of Tegra. The demo is much less impressive with a lower frame rate, flat lighting and not nearly as much detail as the Tegra 3 powered Glowball demo.

While the Tegra 3 processor will make its debut inside the Asus Transfomer Prime tablet in December, we can't wait to see this chip in action in future smartphones. It looks like it could handle a game such as Crysis 2 without too much trouble.

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