Tera offers up a $24.99 mount for its MMO gamers

Way back in 2006, Bethesda Softworks made players of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion scratch their heads when the company set a price of $2.50 to purchase and download armor for their in-game mount. Since then, the term "horse armor" has been used to describe any downloadable game item that seems to be overpriced compared to the content itself. Now it looks like a more extreme version of that practice has appeared in a fantasy MMO game.

The team at En Masse Entertainment launched the game Tera back in May. It didn't get a lot of hype outside the MMO fan base but this week, the game is getting more attention thanks to the introduction of a new in-game mount, the Night Mare Mount. The reason? The mount will cost players of the game $24.99 to purchase and add to the game. That's half the price of the full game.

To be totally fair, the Night Mare Mount does look pretty cool with its flaming hooves and its spike-filled head armor. However, we doubt that this mount is worth the price we would normally play for an expansion pack or a cool downloadable PC game. If you really want to spend your money on this, you might want to hurry as it is only available for a "limited time".

Source: En Masse Entertainment website | Image via En Masse Entertainment

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