Terminal Reality hope changes won't dampen Ghostbuster sales

Following yesterdays surprise announcement, Terminal Reality VP Joe Kreiner is optimistic the games sales won't be affected by the confusion.

"We do not want the consumer to be confused as that can hurt sales. Our hope is that this is a transparent change to the gamer and that the desire to play the next authentic chapter of Ghostbusters is a draw that overcomes any complications."

Sony's decision to publish the anticipated game as a timed exclusive in PAL territories left a cloud of uncertainty over the Xbox 360 and Wii versions, but Atari have since confirmed the game will ship later in the year for non-Sony consoles.

"All I can say from the Terminal Reality perspective is that the game is done on all platforms. We are really pleased with the final result and happy that it is ready for the fans on every platform whenever the decision is made to release it," reassured Kreiner.

The North American release schedule remains unscathed, and all versions are due for release on June 16.

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