Tetris Worm Warning

A new virus which may tempt many users is rearing its head in the wild. The Cellery worm installs a playable version of Tetris on PCs it has infected. However, while the game is being played, it searches networks for other machines to infect.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, explained: "This worm puts up the Tetris game as a smokescreen as it tries to hop from computer to computer across your network. If your company has a culture of allowing games to be played in the office, your staff may believe this simply a new game that has been installed - rather than something that should cause concern."

However, the risk of infection by the worm is currently thought to be low - few copies of it have so far been found in the wild. As always, it only affects Windows users and they have been urged to update anti-virus software to make sure they're protected against Cellery.

View: Sophos warning

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