The $249 'Reserve Strap' will give the Apple Watch 30 extra hours of charge

Although the Apple Watch garnered a lot of press, the fact of the matter is - wearables are still a niche product and even Apple hasn't been able to solidify wearables as a "must have" product for the average consumer. While analysts were hoping that Apple would be able to solve the issue of battery life, Apple Watch owners are still left with a product that has to be charged every night. Fortunately, Reserve Strap is aiming to change that habit by offering an Apple Watch accessory that will add 30 more hours to the life of the watch.

The 'Reserve Strap' is watch strap made from a silicone rubber that houses three lithium polymer cells housed in the clasp area. The watch band is able to deliver the power via the Apple Watch accessory port using a proprietary connector. The watch band can be charged via microUSB and has an LED charge indicator.

The Reserve Strap isn't unique, but it does offer a slightly more elegant solution compared to its predecessors. Naturally, this extra power will come at a high price as the powered watch strap will retail for $249 USD. The watch band is available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes and is available in white, black and grey.

Source: Reserve Strap via Geek

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