The cost of our future valued at $30 billion dollars

In 1997 Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien and American President, Bill Clinton were both proud signataries of the Kyoto Agreement, which tried to address various environmental concerns linked to global warming.

However now, five years since the signing, Canada has followed in the footsteps of America and is reconsidering its current agreement.

Both countries feel that the econimic fall out of such a dedication would be too substantial to ignore. CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Hughes Anthony, says that the kyoto protocol would cost Canadians 30 billion dollars, and such a hit would compromise our international competiveness.

Canada is not the only major industrialized country reconsidering their commitment. Russia, Australia among others are reviewing their stance.

This winter Canada known as the 'true north strong and free' has experienced its warmest winter to date. Low snow fall and an increase in sleet has left many Canadians stunned. Water tables in eastern Canada are expected to reach an all time low leaving many towns worried about contamination and looking for alternative sources of water.

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