The Dark Knight Returns

Kemco has shipped Batman: Dark Tomorrow for the Xbox and GameCube to retail outlets nationwide today. Developed internally by Kemco, Batman: Dark Tomorrow is rated T (Teen) and retails for $49.99. Batman: Dark Tomorrow is based on the DC Comics comic book license, and features a gritty story created by comic book writer, Scott Peterson, and writer Kenji Terada, known for his work on the Final Fantasy videogame franchise. This third-person action game features an action-packed storyline pitting the Dark Knight against a cavalcade of evil doers including Black Mask, Killer Croc, Scarface and the Ventriloquist, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze. Also making appearances the game are fellow super heroes such as Batgirl, Robin, Oracle and others.

Kemco and DC Comics have also created a limited edition, two-part comic book that will serve as a prequel to the storyline in the game. The first of two collectible comic books will be included with platform-specific gaming enthusiast publications, distributing over 1.4 million comic books nationwide. The second book will be included in the retail game package and limited to the first production run of the game.

News source: GameSpyDaily

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